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Announcing Eagle CRM Mobile App

Eagle CRM Mobile app

Today we're happy to announce the release of our Eagle CRM mobile app, available for download on both the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.

With our mobile app, we wanted to go beyond just giving you easy access to your data on your phone... we wanted to build an app that supports how you work when you're out of the office. We have and made it easy to do the things you want to do when you're out an and about, so you can get more done, provide better service, and work more efficiently.

Behind the Eagle CRM on your mobile, there is Eagle's market leading automation engine, always working in the background, allowing you to work in volume.

Here's what comes in Eagle CRM for mobile:

Open Homes

Our previous app "Eagle Inspections" allowed you to check in people at open homes. Eagle CRM takes it to the next level.

  • Easy check ins - people who have enquired on a listing can be checked in with a simple tap
  • Automatic match - enter a phone number, or email, or first/last name, and if the contact already exists in your database, check them in
  • Attendee interest level - swipe right to mark contacts as interested, or swipe left to mark contacts as not interested
  • Bulk document sending - Easily send documents to all of your interested contacts
  • Owner reporting - Send a report to your owner (or, automatically send all your owner reports using Eagle's automation engine)
  • Add and edit your inspection times
real estate open home mobile app real estate mobile app real estate attendee rating mobile app real estate owner reporting mobile app



One of the popular features of Eagle CRM is that it automatically imports your enquiries from portals. Now with the mobile app, you can action those enquiries easily on your phone.

  • Inbox - See all your enquiries that are assigned to you that need action
  • Assign - delegate enquiries to others in your team
  • Respond - use your email templates to quickly respond
  • Keep your inbox clear - Mark your enquiries as "done" and keep your inbox clear, so you can keep on top of what needs to be done next



  • Search - quick search by phone, email or name, or filter by group
  • Groups - wherever you see contacts, you see why they are a contact. Are they a vendor? An appraisal? Or a tenant? The groups instantly tell you. Edit contact groups
  • Add and edit - keep your database up to date
  • Related contacts - View and manage related contacts
  • Related properties - Quickly see what dealings you have with a contact. See what properties a contact has enquired on, inspected, put in offers, or owns
  • Activity history - See all your past activity including notes, emails, sms, enquries, inspections and offers.
  • Tasks - See all outstanding tasks on a contact
  • Log activity - Add notes, tasks, enquiries, inspections and offers against a contact



  • Search - quick search or filter by listing type and status
  • Edit - update the listing details, prices, ad text, and property details
  • Related contacts - Quickly see the owner and tenant details
  • Activity history - See all your past activity including notes, enquries, inspections and offers.
  • Open For Inspection Times - Add and edit your open home times
  • Documents - Send out documents
  • Tasks - See all tasks on a listing
  • Log activity - Add notes, tasks, enquiries, inspections and offers



  • Search - quick search or filter by listing type, interest level and status
  • Edit - update the appraisal details, prices, and property details
  • Related contacts - Quickly see the owner and tenant details
  • Activity history - See all your past activity
  • Tasks - See all outstanding tasks on an appraisal
  • Log activity - Add notes and tasks



  • Stay organised - See your overdue, today, upcoming and completed tasks.
  • Assign - Delegate tasks to others
  • The right info at your fingertips - Jump into the contact, listing or appraisal to get the info you need
  • Keep on top of your inbox - Complete tasks and keep your focus on what needs to be done now


Download the app

Download on iOS App Store

Download on Android Play Store.

Or search "Eagle CRM" in either store to download it.

Login with your normal Eagle username and password.


 Eagle Pricing Guide

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