Jordan Reyneke·Database·24 July 2018

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your CRM?

An important thing to remember about using a CRM is that it’s a tool. You’ll only ever see return on what you put into it. It will only ever amplify the effort that your team is already making. While there is a large element of automation, if you don’t take the time to utilise the CRM and make it part of your day-to-day then you won’t be able to reap all the benefits it can offer.

Part One: Why Use A Real Estate CRM?
Part Two: Features To Look For In A CRM
Part Three: Return On Your CRM Investment

To expand on that, a lot of thought and effort goes into designing and building features that will be useful for agents to use, and in our case, that is largely driven by client feedback. Sometimes using certain parts of the system might mean doing things differently than what you’re used to, or might be different to ‘the old’ way of doing it. So, keeping an open mind to innovation and trying out tools that are available to you is the best way to see the most benefit.

    The recurring theme here is that as a team you need to be fully engaging with your CRM in order to maximise its potential and as such having a system that is easy to use will be incredibly valuable. Simple means your staff will use it! At Eagle we have a core belief - If software is too complex, nobody will use it. There is no point having software that your staff will not use.

    One point to take away, is to work with a company that supports the system properly. The Real Estate industry houses people from all walks of life, bringing in great diversity of skills and experience, however, agents aren’t all necessarily ‘tech people’. So aligning yourself with a company that can be there every step of the way is important. They can be there to guide you through the process of taking on a CRM and making it part of your daily habits and assist you in squeezing out every last drop of value.  Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to ongoing support for the system is feature updates. There is always room for improvement, as with anything in life and your CRM software is no exception. The system should always be improving and in many cases this should be as a result of the feedback from its users. You are the one’s on the frontline staking your business’ success on your CRM software, future features should be a reflection of that. It is a huge advantage to be working with a company that can keep you on the cutting edge of CRM technology and put you one step ahead of your competition.


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