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James Lawrence·CRM·29 April 2022

On-Demand Webinar - Eagle's Integration With Rello, Everything You Need to Know

Say Hello to Rello.  The definitive solution for funding and payments in real estate, Rello is bringing the Buy Now Pay Later model to vendor paid advertising, agent commission advances, vendor deposit advances, and secure online direct transactions.  Our on-demand webinar takes you through the Rello software and how its integration with Eagle can give you (and your clients) an industry-first edge. The session...

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James Lawrence·CRM·07 April 2022

On-Demand Webinar - Eagle Product Release April 2022

Autumn has arrived, and it’s brought some amazing new features from Eagle with it! Join our presenters Luke Paverd, Peter van de Paverd and James Ramsay for this on-demand webinar and an overview of our recent releases, updates, and upcoming product enhancements to keep an eye out for.  During the webinar we cover: Integration with...

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James Lawrence·Prospecting·24 March 2022

Five Qualities Clients Value in a Real Estate Agent

In the digital age, buyers have many powerful tools at their fingertips to conduct in-depth research about a property or location. By the time they reach out to an agent, they will already be armed with lots of intelligence about the property market and have a clear idea of what and where they can afford. In many ways, this makes kick-starting the relationship easier.  So, what is the real estate agent's role, and what qualities...

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James Lawrence·CRM·03 February 2022

10 Marketing Tips Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know

As a real estate agent, it’s important to not just market your properties, but always be marketing yourself and your business. You are effectively your own business and it’s critical that if you are to grow your brand you continue to engage in a wide variety of marketing efforts. Here are 10 tips you should be doing to continue to expand your reach. 1. Maintain an Email Newsletter These days there really...

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