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Luke Paverd·Eagle·11 October 2019

October Product Update

Spring is in the air! It's been a beautiful start to ours here at Eagle HQ in Melbourne, and we've had much needed thawing out from the winter. During the quarter we had our 5 year anniversary, so thanks to all of you for helping us get...

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Luke Paverd·Eagle·10 July 2019

July 2019 Product Update

We've had a busy quarter here at Eagle with 399 updates to the product, and over 800 improvements added in. We have been working across the board on the product including expanding the available functionality in automations and templates, adding features to our mobile app, our new Leasing module, integrations, and...

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Luke Paverd·Eagle·08 April 2019

Introducing Eagle Leasing

Much like many other feature releases or new products produced by the team here at Eagle Software, the Leasing Module is an answer to requests from our amazing clients. We have been asked by many agencies using our software to expand on the existing tools available for rental teams so that we could help them with...

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Luke Paverd·Eagle·18 February 2019

Utility connections made easy with new Movinghub integration

Today we're excited to announce a new utility connections integration with Movinghub. Utility connections is a great way to grow revenue and help your clients with their move at the same time. With the new Movinghub integration, you can now refer leads to Movinghub for connections as part of your normal workflow. Movinghub is designed to make moving a breeze offering a vast range of service providers and adding value...

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Luke Paverd·Eagle·30 November 2018

What's new in Eagle? November Product Update

Summer is upon us! Silly season is firing up and another year has almost gone. That year sure did go fast! Here at Eagle, since 1st of July, we've made 589 updates to the product, which works out to over 5 per day! Our product team has been...

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Luke Paverd·Eagle·03 September 2018

Announcing Eagle CRM Mobile App

Today we're happy to announce the release of our Eagle CRM mobile app, available for download on both the iOS App Store and Android Play...

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Luke Paverd·Eagle·06 July 2018

Product Updates July

1. Enrich your property data with our new integration with CoreLogic ​ Link your RP Data account with Eagle and enrich your property database. Get extra data on your properties and appraisals as well as deep links to your CMA's and in depth reports. If you don't have a CoreLogic RP Data account, you...

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Luke Paverd·Eagle·02 July 2018

Feature release: PropertyMe Integration

We're happy to announce the release of our integration with the popular and growing property management software PropertyMe. Have you ever wanted to make an announcement to your tenants or landlords but couldn't easily get your data across? With the release of our PropertyMe integration, you can import all your tenant and landlord data with a single...

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Luke Paverd·Websites·01 August 2017

5 Reasons Why You NEED a Good Website + 20 Tips to Make it Happen

Not investing time and money into your website is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in this technological day and age. Today, we’ve gathered 5 of the most compelling reasons that prove you need a good website to succeed.  Share this post with friends that need convincing to upgrade their websites. To help you fix your website we’ve also included 20+ actionable tips and resources that you can use to make it happen...

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Luke Paverd·Database·20 July 2017

4 Steps to Keep a Clean Database

Do you have a well organized, clean database?  A great database should: Give you access to the right information whenever you need it. Take up minimal time to maintain. Add value by organizing that information in useful ways. Today, I’ll be outlining a 4 step process on how to keep a clean database to save you time and speed up your...

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