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Trevor Bragg·Marketing·15 November 2018

Target Market or Email Blast - What’s best for your real estate practice

Today’s consumer is very savvy. With social media and other marketing technologies, today’s consumer is well aware when they are being marketed to. Product placement on TV is so obvious, some articles written in magazines and in the online news is blatant in its advertorial tones. Also sponsored Facebook ads...

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Trevor Bragg·Websites·26 September 2018

How many qualified buyers or tenants do you have for my property?

Today’s savvy real estate agent realises that their website is a marketing tool that helps inform and educate people who are considering doing business with them. Their website conveys a message of “what can we do to help you” in the areas of selling and property management. The current trend has been to move away from just displaying your properties and...

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Trevor Bragg·Database·03 August 2018

10 Automations to Succeed in Buyer Management

For many areas across Australia, the property commentary has now shifted to what is now described as a “Buyers Market”. Buyers now have more properties to choose from and will take decidedly longer to make their decision to purchase. What does this mean for agents? Agents will now need to improve...

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Trevor Bragg·Websites·20 June 2018

WordPress realities for real estate websites

WordPress is easy, free and you can do it all yourself! So they say! What is easy however - is for real estate agents to get caught up in the hype that a WordPress website is the solution to all their problems. Many agents feel...

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Trevor Bragg·Eagle·12 April 2018

Automation. Finding the right balance for your real estate agency

When I mention the word “Automation” you should see how some agents eyes just “light up”! Yes, automation can solve a lot of problems in the workflow of your business but it's not something that will be the saviour to all your time management woes. Why is automation required in a real estate...

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Trevor Bragg·Database·14 March 2018

Vendor Reporting - show them what really goes on

As I talk to real estate agents across the state, many are concerned about the rise of the DIY / Flat Fee selling models. These models are increasing by the day and the common thought is that people are attracted to these models only because of the savings on commission. For some this may be true - but for many, I believe...

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