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Finding the right balance for real estate CRM automation

When I mention ‘real estate CRM automation’, many of our agents’ eyes light up!
It’s true that CRM automation can solve a lot of workflow problems in your business, but it needs to be carefully considered and deployed for maximum efficacy.

Why is real estate CRM automation a requirement for modern agencies?

Namely because of a lack of time and human resources. Also, with the nature of a typical real estate office, our staff members are always dealing with the pressing immediate calls, emails, inspections and emergencies which tend to fill most of our day. Basically, real estate CRM software is to remove time-consuming administration so that agents can do what they best — chase leads and move property.
If you can implement key real estate CRM automation strategies to reduce the workload of your staff, this will have a dramatic impact on the efficiency of your office.
However, it’s finding the right balance between automation and manual tasks that needs to be taken into consideration.
We need to remember that Real Estate is a people business and — with an educated consumer — we have to ensure our automation does not come across as cold and impersonal.
If you can implement real estate CRM automation in combination with human follow-up, you’ll yield the best results for your staff and clients.

Top 3 automations to implement in your agency


1 - Lead capture and enquiry reply

Enquiries for sales and property management can come in at any time of the day. Agents aren’t always at their desks and are normally out at inspections or in meetings with clients.
Today’s consumer requires instant gratification. If we don’t reply in a reasonable amount of time, then we can be perceived as being uncaring and inefficient.
If you can instantly capture enquiry details into your database and respond via email or SMS within minutes, you’ll increase the likelihood of leaving positive, immediate impressions. Additionally, the stress of having to get back to leads immediately is lifted from agents’ shoulders.

2 - Weekly OFI campaigns

In many offices, someone is responsible for putting together the weekly Open For Inspection (OFI) email. This campaign can be for both sales and property management.
If the person responsible for the campaign is busy or has time off, the campaign is either sent at different times of the week or just doesn’t get done. This is one problem that can be solved with automation.
Some database programs — like our real estate CRM software — can create campaigns and schedule them to be sent at the same time and day every week to the nominated groups within the database.
Further to this, these database programs will send the names of the people who clicked on the properties within the campaign to your agents directly. The agents can then call the leads who showed the most interest and confirm that they will be attending the open house.

3 - Purchaser anniversary

We all want to stay in touch with our past purchasers so that when they sell, we are top of mind. Unfortunately, with the passing of time, even the best of us can forget to create and send anniversary letters at the correct time.
If you set up an automated email to be sent on the anniversary of the settlement, the system will take care of the delivery and you won’t have to rely on memory. In addition, you could set up a Task reminder to call that person a day after the email has been deployed. This form of Appraisals Management can go a long way towards staying in touch with past customers and winning repeat business. Check out our real estate CRM product page to see how Appraisals Management fits into the greater automation picture.

When in doubt, reach out

In our digitally driven world, there can be no room for manual tasks that hamper real estate agents from performing to the best of their abilities. If you feel that there are too many manual processes in your office and you could benefit from digitally transforming your operations, why not book an Eagle Software demo to experience real estate CRM automation firsthand.

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