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Better Prospecting with Content Marketing

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Staying in touch with Prospects can be hard work. For many real estate agents that might be a reason why consistent prospecting gets left for another day.

Also, having a real estate CRM that only stores data and doesn’t communicate with prospects is not logical either. 

Prospecting works best when we have a reason to call. If you can send via your CRM an article or information that is relevant to the prospect, you then have a reason to perform a follow up call.

The difficulty lies in deciding what we should be sending to our prospects.

What property related topics will be of interest?

How often should we follow up without being a nuisance? And how do we differentiate ourselves from agents who bombard their prospects with simple Just Listed or Just Sold emails?

Further to this, there’s only so many times we can reach out to see if a prospect wants an updated sale or rental appraisal of their property!

So the question is, how can agents access informative and relevant content that can be reliably delivered to their prospects over the course of weeks, months and years?

Eagle Software has the answer...

Content Packs

Content Packs via Eagle Software are an easily accessible library of pre-written articles that you can use in bulk email, eNewsletters and automations. These articles are written to help you educate and inform your prospects and position you as the Agent they can trust.

When incorporated with Eagle’s CRM automation - you are able to implement an informative and relevant “drip email marketing” campaign which can be delivered daily, weekly, monthly or at quarterly intervals. Included in the automations are Task reminders for you to call during the drip marketing campaign.

The added benefit to running these campaigns is that you remain forefront of the prospects mind, so when the time comes to choose an agent, you are not forgotten. 

How does it work?

Eagle Software can provide 3 content options for you.

1. Included Content

Eagle CRM PRO & PLUS plans include 100+ pre-written email and text message content. Personal and engaging, these communications help you update prospects at various stages of their property cycle. 

To see examples of this, you can Download our free automation templates as used in EagleCRM

2. Ready2Go Content

Eagle Software now has available for a one off setup fee - 140 articles which can be used in eNewsletters, Automated Drip Marketing Campaigns and general information emails. A sample of the articles and topics are below;

All 140 articles are pre-loaded into your Eagle CRM account and are available as eNewsletter Templates for bulk sends and as Email Templates for individual communication.

3. Trainer Provided Content

Do you work with an industry Trainer, Coach or Mentor? 

If so, and assuming they have made available to you a library of pre-written content, we will happily incorporate their letters, articles and workflows into your Eagle CRM account. We will also assist with setting up their recommended workflows and action plans as automations within the CRM.

One industry Coach we have done this with is...

Rent Roll Starter

Eagle clients who are members of Ellen Bathgate’s Rent Roll Starter Programs are able to access her custom automations and blogs posts. These include;

[Lead Generation] Rent Roll Starter - 4 Email Automation - Lead Magnet Download

[Lead Nurture] Rent Roll Starter - Blog Article Fortnightly Emails x 15

[Lead Nurture] Rent Roll Starter - Blog Article Monthly Emails x 15

[Lead Nurture] Rent Roll Starter - Blog Article Weekly Emails x 15

[Lead Nurture] Rent Roll Starter - Tenant Blog Article Fortnightly Emails x 15


If you want to improve your prospecting, have better engagement and ultimately be remembered, contact us today to discuss the available Content Packs and Automations within Eagle Software. 


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