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5 Unhelpful Habits to Leave Behind in 2022

After reaping the benefits of what has nbsp been a very hot property market for the past months it's easy for agents to start slipping into some bad habits When markets change so quickly it can be hard to adapt so it's important to identify where you're going wrong so you can quickly correct the course nbsp Here are five potential bad habits to...

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Trevor Bragg·Database·20 April 2021

10 Attention Grabbing Headlines to Generate Seller Leads

Finding it hard to get selling leads from your real estate CRM If so it might be time to review and change your messaging In your marketing using terms such as Thinking of selling and Free Market Appraisal is quite common overused by many agencies and could be too generic to receive a qualified response nbsp nbsp When prospecting for selling leads out of...

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Trevor Bragg·Content Marketing·18 December 2020

Better Prospecting with Content Marketing

Staying in touch with Prospects can be hard work For many real estate agents that might be a reason why consistent prospecting gets left for another day Also having a real estate CRM that only stores data and doesn t communicate with prospects is not logical either nbsp Prospecting works best when we have a reason to call If you can send via your...

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