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7 Ways to Generate More Real Estate Leads

If you're a real estate agent generating leads is a challenge you face daily A reliable lead generation program is one of the most effective ways to grow your agency nbsp As well as traditional methods it's no secret that digital marketing is one of the most powerful ways to generate leads You can reach thousands of potential clients through social media blogs video...

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Rebecca Gillis·CRM·11 May 2022

Essential Tips to Ensure You Never Miss a Lead

We've talked before about converting leads into sales but what if you could set yourself up for success from the very start of the process With so many different tools platforms and technology available it can be challenging to know how to maximise your lead generation efforts Mising leads means you are missing opporunities to convert to sales and grow your business nbsp The...

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Say ‘Hello’ to Rello - Industry-leading Payments and Buy Now Pay Later Solutions

An intersection of nbsp financial technology and property technology Rello has a simple mission statement deliver industry-leading payment and Buy Now Pay Later solutions to real estate Rello has a solution for every leg of the property journey from Vendor Paid Advertising for getting ready to sell or accessing the deposit for getting ready to buy or simply needing you clients to pay for...

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Rebecca Gillis·Prospecting·29 April 2022

Six Strategies to Boost Open Home Attendance

As a real estate agent one of your primary goals is to get people through the door at open homes After all the more people who come to see a property the greater the chance of making a sale Fortunately there are a number of strategies to get more foot traffic to your open homes Quality of Listing Photos Taking the time to take...

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Rebecca Gillis·Database·13 April 2022

3 Strategies to Ensure Your Marketing Campaigns Are On-Trend

The main job of a sales agent is to attract buyers and gain enough interest to obtain multiple offers or get a strong turnout with active bidders on auction day Marketing campaigns are designed to assist those who create and employ them Whilst they don t do all the hard work for you they can certainly help nbsp the efforts you ve been making...

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5 Unhelpful Habits to Leave Behind in 2022

After reaping the benefits of what has nbsp been a very hot property market for the past months it's easy for agents to start slipping into some bad habits When markets change so quickly it can be hard to adapt so it's important to identify where you're going wrong so you can quickly correct the course nbsp Here are five potential bad habits to...

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James Lawrence·Prospecting·24 March 2022

Five Qualities Clients Value in a Real Estate Agent

In the digital age buyers have many powerful tools at their fingertips to conduct in-depth research about a property or location By the time they reach out to an agent they will already be armed with lots of intelligence about the property market and have a clear idea of what and where they can afford In many ways this makes kick-starting the relationship easier...

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Rebecca Gillis·Marketing·04 March 2022

How to Effectively Turn Real Estate Leads Into Customers

Most real estate agents understand that the key to winning more listings is doing more appraisals However it s also possible to focus on improving your efficiency and turning more of those leads into new business by taking a close look at your processes If you re able to find ways to fine-tune your marketing you could dramatically improve your overall results Not All...

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Rebecca Gillis·Marketing·04 February 2022

How to Optimise Your CRM’s Marketing Automation

You've invested in a Customer Relationship Manager CRM and armed yourself with the how-to of marketing automation So how do you make sure you're maximising all your potential benefits The first concept to understand is that a CRM differs from marketing automation software These two systems serve different purposes - a CRM is used primarily for sales and managing customer data while marketing automation...

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James Lawrence·CRM·03 February 2022

10 Marketing Tips Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know

As a real estate agent it s important to not just market your properties but always be marketing yourself and your business You are effectively your own business and it s critical that if you are to grow your brand you continue to engage in a wide variety of marketing efforts Here are tips you should be doing to continue to expand your reach...

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