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Facebook Marketing Ideas for Real Estate: How to Get Leads Fast

Maybe you started on Facebook as a way to stay in touch with school friends, but now it could be a great tool to supercharge your real estate business with engaging Facebook marketing ideas.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to draw leads and connect with them in a hurry.

Leverage these four tips to turn Facebook into one of your top real estate marketing opportunities

1. Develop the Right Persona

Before you even think about launching your first Facebook ad, it's vital to develop a persona for your ideal real estate client. Facebook holds a wealth of knowledge about its users, so you need to leverage that knowledge to market your business towards your ideal customer. Developing your Facebook persona is what allows you to target your advertising to specific customer types.

Do you want to specialise in selling $1 million homes? Or are you wanting to serve clients looking to move up from their first home? What is the geographic boundary of your sales effort? Answering all of these questions will boost your success with real estate marketing through Facebook.

2. Land Your Potential Customers in the Right Place

You'll want to develop unique landing pages for your Facebook ads or any organic Facebook marketing you perform. The landing page needs to sell the unique nature of your real estate service and explain quickly and efficiently why you are the right agent to work with. The content should engage the reader and compel them to provide contact information, such as an email address or mobile number. 

These landing pages can be developed within your agency's website or your individual agent website. Having unique landing pages also helps you analyse the effectiveness of each ad or post within your social media campaign.

The pages also connect with your CRM to push out automated emails or text messages as soon as a potential client provides that valuable contact information.

3. Stay Active With Your Facebook Campaigns

Don't expect a static campaign to keep generating leads. Test your ads by changing one piece at a time. Is the headline not grabbing attention? Is your image too generic? Can you catch more Gen Z users with a video rather than still photos? With each change you make, watch your analytics and see what is effective and what isn't.
You can test the effectiveness of an ad by running two versions of the ad simultaneously. One could feature a static photo of the front of a new listing, while the other includes a 360 video. Which gets more click-throughs? Each lesson you learn helps you build more effective campaigns in the future.

Remember to check each aspect of the campaign. Maybe the landing page isn't converting as well as it could be. Test some changes in your follow-up email and texts to ensure you are setting the right tone. Also, make certain your CRM is sending the messages at an appropriate time and rate.

Eagle Software's real estate CRM automates repetitive communications so you can save time and sell more. Why not try Eagle Software for yourself? 

4. Put Your Facebook Page to Work

Most importantly, take your Facebook page beyond the ordinary by turning it into a fully-featured real estate marketing website. Our Facebook app allows you to keep your Facebook page automatically updated with your current listings and creates a search option for potential customers. You can also feature local amenities, share appraisal forms and brochures, highlight photo galleries and more.

You also will better engage with your Facebook followers, generate more likes and enhance your Facebook marketing. Your Facebook followers can even save properties they might want to go back and review again later.

If you're ready to turn Facebook into a powerful tool in your kit with these Facebook marketing ideas and more, then contact our specialists today to learn more about how to move ahead today. 

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