Peter van de Paverd·CRM·04 March 2021

Feature Release - Interactive Owner Portal

We're excited to launch our new industry leading Interactive Owner Portal! Sharing key insights and information with your clients has never been so easy or looked so good. This new report has been specially designed and is loaded with information and graphics to help communicate and showcase your efforts to your clients.

Fresh new look

Designed from the ground up, the new interactive owner portal features a clean and professional look that makes it easy for your clients to read and interpret data. The portal has various sections which your client can interact with and click through to get the latest update on how the campaign is going.

Owner portal preview

In depth insights

The interactive owner portal is packed with key data and is visualised with graphs, tables and key insights to make it easy to understand. Things like enquiries, inspections, website views, marketing emails, opens, clicks and more all populate in the owner portal automatically which acts as a great point of reference when communicating with your client.

Owner portal preview

Showcase your efforts

It's not always obvious to clients how much work actually goes into selling or leasing their property. With the interactive owner portal your efforts are showcased and can be seen in real time. Clients can see the number of calls and emails you've sent, notes from conversations and inspections, price feedback you've collected, inspections you've held and how many contracts you've sent out for sale listings (and much more).

Owner portal preview

Custom design

If your organisation has specific design requirements or perhaps you'd like to customise the interactive owner portal to your own specifications, we've got you covered with our custom online owner report solution. Iterate from the new interactive owner portal design or build your own completely from scratch, our team of developers are here to help.

Website portal login

Combined with an Eagle website, you can now create an owner login area where clients can log in to your website and see all their listings alongside the interactive owner report for each listing. This is a fantastic solution for long-time or repeat clients, or for projects, building management, developments or new estates where you have many concurrent listings with the same owner.

Visit our help article to begin using the Interactaive Owner Portal, or contact us to arrange a demo.

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