Trevor Bragg·Websites·26 September 2018

How many qualified buyers or tenants do you have for my property?

Today’s savvy real estate agent realises that their website is a marketing tool that helps inform and educate people who are considering doing business with them.

Their website conveys a message of “what can we do to help you” in the areas of selling and property management.

The current trend has been to move away from just displaying your properties and focusing your "message" on how you can make the selling or management of their property easy and stress free.

Put yourself in a prospective clients shoes for just a moment.

What is one of the big questions that these prospective sellers and landlords have in mind when they come to your business or website?

How many qualified people do you have ready and willing to buy or lease my property?

To get the answer, you would have to delve directly into your CRM to search and retrieve the numbers. This could take some considerable time.

That is up until now!

Eagle Software has just released “Buyer Demand” and “Tenant Demand” searches for their websites.

This is truly an informative service agents can implement into their websites to show in “real time” to prospective sellers and landlords how many contacts they have in their databases that are interested in a property like theirs.

The Demand search is interactive and retains the visitors interest as people will wait to find out the answer. Also, this interactive search is perfect to post on social media to get people to engage and visit their websites.

How does it work?

The website queries EagleCRM and retrieves the number of buyers or tenants who have previously enquired on properties that have similar features to that of the property of the seller or investor. (property type, price, bedrooms + suburb).

You can have confidence that the search works as EagleCRM captures every enquiry from, and other sources and searches these enquiries to display the result.

Upon displaying the result, the visitor then has the option to contact the agent via an online capture form which will store that person's data within EagleCRM

Furthermore, once the online form is completed, the Demand search can trigger an automated response and robot marketing campaign to deliver more selling or management information to the prospect.

The Demand search is easy to implement when your Website & CRM are fully integrated and hosted by the same technology provider. Just another reason to consider having Eagle Software look after your total online solution.

If you are interested in learning more about this new interactive tool that can help you generate selling and management leads from your website, call us today on 03 9016 0444 or contact us via our website at


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