Luke Paverd·Eagle·08 April 2019

Introducing Eagle Leasing

Much like many other feature releases or new products produced by the team here at Eagle Software, the Leasing Module is an answer to requests from our amazing clients.

We have been asked by many agencies using our software to expand on the existing tools available for rental teams so that we could help them with booking inspections, managing rental applications, and streamlining the leasing process.

The prospect of bringing all of this functionality into a single platform, fully integrated with CRM & Website has been very exciting for us, and today we’re happy to announce that Eagle Leasing is available for early access.

Until now Eagle CRM allowed property management teams to manage listings across all of the advertising portals and their website. It also provided a place to handle incoming enquiries through a combination of timely reminders and automatic communications.

With the release of our CRM Mobile App last year, there was functionality to operate on the road without losing touch with contacts and to seamlessly record information about inspection attendees while on location.

Despite this, many of our clients found themselves looking to gain extra functionality and save their ever-lacking time by employing software to help potential tenants register to attend inspection times. This meant that inspection times with no attendees could be cancelled and that time prioritised.

On top of that, we’ve found that many clients are still using paper application forms, or application forms that are hard to use for both the tenant and the property manager. With Eagle Leasing, application forms are streamlined and managed all from the one central location.

With the release of Eagle Leasing, we aim to bring all of this functionality and more into the Eagle Platform at an affordable rate. Our goal is to help our clients save more time, reduce expenditure, and streamline their processes by providing a single platform to manage the leasing process from start to finish.

To join the free early access program, login to Eagle, and on the top menu, click on "Leasing". You’ll be presented with a page to enable Eagle Leasing for your account.

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