Rebecca Gillis·Eagle·14 June 2022

On-Demand Webinar - Say Hello to Rello With Eagle Software

Say Hello to Rello. The definitive solution for funding and payments in real estate, Rello is bringing the Buy Now Pay Later model to vendor paid advertising, agent commission advances, vendor deposit advances, and secure online direct transactions. 

Join James Ramsay, Customer Success at Eagle Software and Adam Parrott, Strategic Partnerships Director at Rello as they take you through the software and how its integration with Eagle can give you (and your clients) an industry-first edge. The session will include:

  • An introduction to Rello
  • What does it offer, and what does it mean for agents and agencies?
  • The products within the Rello suite
  • Payments
  • Vendor paid advertising
  • Deposit advances
  • Onboarding, setup, and ongoing support options
  • A live demonstration of Rello within the Eagle CRM
  • And more!

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