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July 2019 Product Update

We've had a busy quarter here at Eagle with 399 updates to the product, and over 800 improvements added in. We have been working across the board on the product including expanding the available functionality in automations and templates, adding features to our mobile app, our new Leasing module, integrations, and reporting. 

We're also pleased to welcome new members to the team during the quarter.

Our focus for the upcoming quarter will be massively expanding our filtering capabilities, vendor reporting, more features for the leasing/selling workflows, more features for the mobile app, more automations, giving you access to audit logging, and many other things as well.

Let's have a closer look at some of the updates this last quarter.

EagleCRM Mobile App Updates

  • Get directions to your next inspection - When you're on the Inspections screen, swipe an inspection to the right and click "Directions" to bring up the driving directions to your inspection
  • Call or email a contact from the inspection screen - We've made following up from an inspection easier. When you're in an inspection, you can click on an attendee and you now have quick links to call or SMS the attendee without needing to go into the profile of the contact
  • Add tenant rating when editing an inspection - on the same screen, for rental inspections, you can now add in a tenant rating and specify whether the inspection note should show on the vendor report
  • Ability to record no shows of an inspection - if someone registers for an inspection but doesn't show up, you can now mark them as a no show
  • Improved filtering - we've improved the flow of filters so that they're easier to jump in and out of

To get these features, make sure you download the latest version of the app from the Android or iOS app stores today. Search for "EagleCRM" to find it.

Eagle Leasing

  • Ideal week/Availability calendar - Setup what times you want to do inspections, and our inspection booking form will allow tenants to book in at any time you're available. Combined with our 2 way calendar sync, this is a fantastic way to automate inspection bookings.Go to your leasing settings page to set it up.
  • Listings overview screen - Go to Leasing->Listings to see an overview of all your current properties for lease as well as when they're available, who has enquiried, who is waiting for an inspection, who has registered, who has confirmed, who has inspected and who has applied.
  • Inspections overview screen - Go to Leasing->Inspections and see your upcoming inspections, past inspections, and (coming very soon) click into the inspection to check people in or download an inspection report
  • Applications screen - Go to Leasing->Applications to get a list of all your current applications, what status they're up to, and process them. Coming soon: Automated reference checks and landlord review process
  • Downloadable application forms - Download completed rental applications as a PDF, download a private version that is suitable for a landlord to see, and download the privacy consent declaration from the tenant to give with reference checks. We also have a blank downloadable application form version of your web based application form.
  • New automations - We've released a lot of automation triggers and actions that automate many parts of the leasing flow, including an inspection registration trigger, inspection confirmation trigger, inspection cancellation trigger, inspection invite action, application status changes and much more.
  • Leasing Dashboard - We've released a leasing dashboard screen that is completely customisable (like the CRM dashboards), but by default comes with Number of Enquiries, Inspection Registrations, Inspections Attended, No shows, and applications submitted, as well as number of new listings and how many listings were leased, recent enquiries, upcoming events and inspections, and a graph of your leased properties over the last 12 months.
  • Leasing inbox updates - We've also made a range of updates to the Leasing inbox including the ability to do bulk actions, merge potential tenants and upload application PDF's.
  • Coming soon for Eagle Leasing - We're still working on a lot of features for Eagle Leasing. Right now we're working on the application management process, being able to have multiple applications link together, being able to quickly process applications, manage your reference checks, inspection reporting, and more granular automation options 

Eagle Leasing is in Early Access mode. We are actively building out EagleLeasing, but we have built a lot of functionality already, and we want early adopters to be able to benefit from these features. We want to build the best product for you, so we'd love to hear feedback and suggestions from you about what could be better or what we're doing wrong. With all new software releases, there's a chance of encountering bugs. If you do come across bugs, please report them to us so we can fix them as soon as possible. There is no cost and no obligation for the Early Access program.

If you haven't already tried Eagle Leasing, you can do so at this link:

Automation Updates

  • Use conditional logic in email and sms templates - With advanced logic in templates, you can now setup an automation to send slightly different communications based on who a contact is. For example, if you've blacklisted a tenant, you can send them an email after an inspection that doesn't have a link to the rental application form link in it. Or another example: If someone isn't interested in a property, send them a link to your other properties instead of a link to the property they don't like.
  • New "If Property Tag" and "If Property Type" and "If Interest level" automation steps - With these new conditionals, you can route contacts into more specific groups based on what they're looking for. 
  • More options who you send from - we've given more specific options of who you send automations from.
  • New triggers and actions around the leasing flow - Tenant ratings, inspections, confirming inspections, applications and much more now have automations around them.
  • Update field - Now you can update a field in an automation. You might use this if you want to tweak the default enquiry capture preferences. For example, you might like there to be no minimum price in someone's property preferences, however by default Eagle will capture that preference. You can use the Update field action to clear the minimum price field.

Fast 2-way calendar integration

We now have deep API integration with Google and Microsoft for both email and calendar. We previously had a calendar sync method that was great for iOS and Apple devices, but with Microsoft and Google it was slow to sync, and was only one way. With the new integration, we have two way sync for Google calendar, calendar (Office365) and we also support old exchange servers as well.

We've also made it so that you can change the event titles in Eagle the same way you would in Google or Outlook so that your events are consistent across all platforms.

Visit this link to set it up in your account.

Coming very soon: We're also releasing the ability to send emails from Eagle that will send from your actual email account and show up in your Sent items. This will improve deliverability and make it easier to track replies.

Dashboards and Reporting

We've added more stats to dashboards to allow you to drill down deeper into your data.

  • # unconditional contracts as selling agent
  • # unconditional contracts as listing agent
  • rental appraisals won
  • sale appraisals won
  • sales inspection no shows
  • rental inspection no shows
  • sales inspection attendances
  • rental inspection attendances
  • sales inspection registrations
  • rental inspection registrations
  • sales enquiries
  • rental enquiries
  • Rental applications submitted

These stats are available now in all of your dashboard widgets.

We've also added new reports around SMS usage.

  • List of SMS sent
  • SMS Summary by user

You can find the new SMS reports by going to CRM->Admin->Reports and then clicking on the SMS heading.

Website SEO

Some SEO companies like additional control of certain aspects of the website. We've added a new SEO Configuration tab under Website->SEO where SEO companies can control Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml and update keywords.


To adjust permissions go to Settings->Users and click into the user you want to adjust permissions for.

  • Eagle Leasing - Control who can see and use Eagle Leasing
  • Changes to Enquiries, Inspections and Notes. By default, users can see notes of contacts and properties they have access to. There is a new permission so you can now allow users to edit or delete just their own enquiries and inspections or all enquiries and inspections that they can see. There is also a super user permission to allow users to edit all notes, even notes that belong to other users.
  • Contact groups - there is a new permission for users to be able to create, edit or delete contact groups

Property preferences

We've updated property preferences to capture more detailed preferences on commercial enquiries - now it captures property type and for sale/for lease

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