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6 Ways to Optimise Your Email Marketing Campaigns

With all the different ways real estate agents can market these days, people can easily forget just how powerful email marketing can be.

The great thing about email marketing is that you can control the list of people who view your marketing. Additionally, everyone on the list has opted into joining, meaning you not only have a relationship with them to some degree, but they are also interested in you. This is incredibly powerful.

Here are six ways to ensure you’re making the most out of your email marketing efforts.

1. Track your data

The first thing you need to be doing regularly is keep track of your data. You should be looking very closely at your email open rates, click-through rates as well as any unsubscribes or bounces.

This can tell you very quickly how engaged people are with what you’re sending them. If you’re having trouble getting emails opened, then you might need to work on more interesting subjects or more relevant content. If people aren’t following your links or engaging with the content, then maybe you need to segment your email lists further and work on the relevance of the content.

Here are 5 Tips on Getting Your Email Marketing Mix Right

2. Give real value

With any sort of email marketing, it’s important that you are giving people genuine value. Value can be as simple as giving someone what they want. While some people might want general real estate educational content, some active buyers just want to know when you’ve got a new listing.

Be sure to give the right people the right type of content.

The best way to do this is to really segment your email lists. You should have multiple email lists with various buyers and prospective vendors all at different stages of their real estate journey. Your job is to get your emails out to the right people at the right stage of their journey, so they are compelled to open and engage with your emails.

3. Build your brand

One of the key reasons you are sending out emails is to continue to develop your brand. Your email newsletters should be branded, and you should continue to push your unique value proposition.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate testimonials and recent success stories as well. While you might feel uncomfortable talking about your success, this is also useful information for would-be vendors or active buyers.

4. Don’t be afraid to increase touchpoints

When it comes to warming up your leads, one of the best things you can do to speed up the sales process, is to increase the number of touchpoints.

If it takes many months to sign up a new listing, why not test with more touchpoints? Typically, the more touchpoints you can have, the faster the sales process goes. A six-month sales process could be reduced to six weeks with more consistent contact. However, it's equally as important to ensure that you are not overwhelming your leads with information. Even if the information is helpful, too much contact can result in annoyance from leads, and they may report you as spam.

Don’t be afraid to segment your email lists and test with a different number of touchpoints and incorporate other forms of marketing such as SMS or a good old fashioned phone call!

5. Ask for value

Don't be afraid to use your email marketing to get value back from your list. Ask for testimonials from previous clients. Be sure to let people know that you’re looking for new listings and ask for referrals.

Email is more than just a one-way street and it can provide value to both parties during every interaction. Just be sure to give before you start receiving.

6. Connect to your CRM

It goes without saying that your email marketing needs to be connected to your CRM. It’s important that you screen and segment new leads that are coming in to ensure you’re giving people the best value you can. The more work you can put in up front with your CRM the better the result.

Here is a checklist of everything to consider when choosing a real estate CRM.  Alternatively,try some our automations or book a demo, we would love to help!

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