Rebecca Gillis·CRM·25 May 2022

On-Demand Webinar - How to Generate Listings in a Cooling Market

After a meteoric year the property market is cooling off, but what does that mean for agents - and how can you keep generating listings as the pickings get scarce?

Our presenters Jordan Reyneke, Eagle Software, and Bill Nikolouzakis, PropTech Group, give you a rundown on the market as it stands today and how you can use technology to do the heavy lifting when it comes to generating new listings and turning cold leads into revenue. The topics discussed will include:

  • Generating new listings: what’s changed, what’s going to stay the same
  • Lead capture and turning prospects into clients
  • Using your website to capture and convert 
  • Leveraging your existing database to turn leads into listings
  • Segmentation: What is it and why should you care?
  • Filtering your database to target the right prospects at the right time to convert them into clients 
  • Inbuilt functionality versus third-party filtering: the good and the tedious
  • How automation can do the heavy lifting as time-demand goes up and leads go down
  • And more. 

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