Rebecca Gillis·Eagle·04 March 2022

On-Demand Webinar - Real Estate Prospecting Tips to Boost Leads and Generate Revenue

Good prospecting is the key to generating quality leads and closing deals.

In real estate sales and management, success is found when strategy and technology work together. We want to give you a boost in both technology and strategy, so that you can take your agency above and beyond.

Join our presenters Daniel Streek, Tech Stack Consultant at PropTech Group, and James Ramsay, Customer Success Manager at Eagle Software for this on-demand webinar as they take you through their top tips for boosting lead generation and revenue through the VaultRE and Eagle CRMs, including:

  • Identifying your prospects and understanding who they are to your business, and why that’s important
  • Generating leads through prospecting
  • Manual prospecting communications
  • Automated prospecting communications
  • Grouping your contacts so you can create the best-fit experience to convert leads
  • Nurturing leads with automated workflows
  • Eagle’s new Pipeline feature
  • Closing the prospect
  • And more.


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