Luke Paverd·Websites·01 August 2017

5 Reasons Why You NEED a Good Real Estate Website + 20 Tips

In our digital-first world not investing time and money in your real estate website is one of the biggest mistakes you can make To illustrate this we ve gathered five of the most compelling reasons to put budget and resources behind what will become your lead-generating digital hub nbsp A real estate website is a prospect s first impression The saying you never get...

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Luke Paverd·Database·20 July 2017

4 Steps to Keep a Clean Database

Do you have a well organized clean nbsp database nbsp A great database should Give you access to the right information whenever you need it Take up minimal time to maintain Add value by organizing that information in useful ways Today I ll be outlining a step process on how to keep a clean database to save you time and speed up your processes...

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Marcus Wong·Websites·22 June 2017

How our Clients are Adding to their Brand and Revenue with Property Booklets-For FREE

Shhh nbsp some of our clients want us to keep this a secret but chances are you re not getting the most out of your property booklets We all know that property booklets are great handouts to prospects to showcase your best properties nbsp But did you know you can use them for so much more Promoting your own products Generating revenue by advertising...

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Marcus Wong·Websites·31 May 2017

5 Steps to Maximize Your Portal Leads to Build a Better Database

Steps to Maximize Your Portal Leads to Build a Better Database When a prospect contacts your agency from a real estate website they re sending across valuable information that you can use to close the deal nbsp Unfortunately many real estate agencies who are using outdated software to build their client database suffer from two problems Losing information- important client information is lost or...

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Marcus Wong·Websites·20 May 2017

How to turn your Real Estate Website into a Lead Generating Machine

Having a website is one thing but getting the most nbsp out of your website is another In this post I ll teach you strategies that can turn your website into a lead generating machine where you get interested people to the top of your funnel nurture them and then when they re ready to do something ensure that you re at the top...

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Luke Paverd·SEO·11 May 2017

The number 1 thing real estate agents can do to increase search rankings in Google

Today I wanted to write about a question we get very often How do we make our website rank higher in Google The answer is very simply get links from other websites to your website For example Get a link to your website from your local council Get a link to your website from any local clubs you are involved in Get a link...

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