Bethany Lewty·Marketing·10 January 2022

Real Estate Websites 101: Does Yours Stack Up?

A well-designed website is an invaluable tool for any real estate agent Whether you're putting your website together or preparing for a redesign there are certain elements to keep in mind as you approach the process If you're wondering if your real estate website is at its best here we'll review some critical components of successful real estate websites Mobile Responsiveness Many people looking...

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Bethany Lewty·CRM·09 December 2021

A Real Estate CRM: What Every Successful Real Estate Agency Needs

Establishing a strong connection with prospective customers is key for a successful real estate agency To achieve this real estate agents and agencies need the right tool behind their business Specifically a real estate CRM or customer relationship management platform can help nurture relationships with prospects and leads ultimately helping to increase sales If you're wondering why it's worth implementing a real estate CRM...

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Bethany Lewty·CRM·25 November 2021

A Real Estate Agent's Guide to Selling More by Doing Less With the Right Real Estate Software

Real estate agents need plenty of automation behind their operations to fuel their success Otherwise they'll wind up bogged down by too many administrative tasks which can hinder their ability to sell One of the most vital tools to help achieve this is reliable real estate software With the help of real estate customer relationship management software or a real estate CRM you can...

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Streamline Your Open Home Experience With Automated Lease Administration Software for Leasing, Renting, and Sales

If you want to conduct open homes it's important to automate the entire process to ensure it goes smoothly With the help of reliable lease administration software you'll be able to get the most from your open homes There are several key benefits that the right open home administration software will offer enabling you to maximise productivity and profitability The following are some of...

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Bethany Lewty·Marketing·25 October 2021

Webinar – How to Save Time and Maximise Lead Generation Using Marketing Automation

Join us for this on-demand webinar as we discuss the ideas and strategies you can use to streamline and maximise the efficiency of your lead generation and communication through powerful marketing automation tools The webinar is suitable for both existing Eagle Clients looking for tips on how to optimise their existing workflows and or create new ones to maximise lead generation or nurturing or...

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Bethany Lewty·CRM·19 October 2021

Your Real Estate CRM Checklist: Everything You Need to Consider

Are you looking for your first real estate customer relationship management CRM software Alternatively are you looking to replace your current real estate CRM Are you looking for different options before going with your current CRM's latest upgrade You might be feeling a little lost among all the buzz about this feature or that feature What you really need is a checklist to ease...

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Peter van de Paverd·CRM·07 October 2021

September 2021 Product Release

Spring has arrived and with it some fantastic new features in Eagle We're very happy to have addressed a lot of client feedback over the last quarter and we hope you enjoy the new improvements Our engineering team also continues to grow with an extra two developers joining our team over the last few months giving us more resources to continue innovating and improving...

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Bethany Lewty·Marketing·06 October 2021

Save Time and Effort With Automated Real Estate Marketing

If only there were hours in a day You might accomplish all the goals you've established to grow your base of sellers and buyers But here s a solution automated real estate marketing provides you many of those extra hours as you save time and effort on finding leads nurturing leads and handling the mundane tasks that come with listing new homes Imagine how...

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Bethany Lewty·Marketing·28 September 2021

Facebook Marketing Ideas for Real Estate: How to Get Leads Fast

Maybe you started on Facebook as a way to stay in touch with school friends but now it could be a great tool to supercharge your real estate business with engaging Facebook marketing ideas Facebook gives you the opportunity to draw leads and connect with them in a hurry Leverage these four tips to turn Facebook into one of your top real estate marketing...

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James Ramsay·Database·19 August 2021

How to get the most out of your buyers

As we explained in a previous blog post How to nurture your database and generate more leads your database is only as powerful as the way it can be utilised Some agencies see buyers as the lifeblood of their business others see buyers as someone who will get in touch with us if they see something they like Regardless of how you prioritise buyer...

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