Peter van de Paverd·CRM·19 May 2021

Feature Release - New and Improved Buyer Management

With this release we introduce a new and improved buyers table designed to streamline the process of managing following up shortlisting and managing offers from buyers as well as reporting back to vendors with your activities automatically with our online vendor report See key insights nbsp to gauge buyer interest View enquiries inspections and offers as well as their price feedback and if you've...

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James Ramsay·Eagle·10 May 2021

Easy ways to keep your vendor in the loop

Communication is key - it s a blanket statement that all of us have heard yet the breakdown of communication is one of the major reasons why relationships fail This is no different in your professional life than it is from your personal life as humans it's our instinct to build relationships Positive relationships in our work life can make you generally happier more...

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Trevor Bragg·Database·20 April 2021

10 Attention Grabbing Headlines to Generate Seller Leads

Finding it hard to get selling leads from your real estate CRM If so it might be time to review and change your messaging In your marketing using terms such as Thinking of selling and Free Market Appraisal is quite common overused by many agencies and could be too generic to receive a qualified response nbsp nbsp When prospecting for selling leads out of...

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Peter van de Paverd·CRM·06 April 2021

Automate property listing videos with new VideoPunch integration

With this release we introduce integration with nbsp VideoPunch What is VideoPunch VideoPunch is an automatic video platform for creating and adding videos to your property listings VideoPunch will automatically create the property video add a professionaly recorded voiceover and add it to your website and portals How does the integration work Property data is sent from Eagle to VideoPunch via an XML property...

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Peter van de Paverd·CRM·25 March 2021

Automate your social media property videos with new integration

We're excited to announce a new integration with Dripflow io What is Dripflow io Dripflow io is a software suite which automatically creates and distributes content to your social media pages Automatically create Property videos Sold Leased graphics and Property websites all without lifting a finger How does the integration work Property data is sent from Eagle to Dripflow io via an XML property...

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Peter van de Paverd·CRM·04 March 2021

Feature Release - Interactive Owner Portal

We're excited to launch our new industry leading Interactive Owner Portal Sharing key insights and information with your clients has never been so easy or looked so good This new report has been specially designed and is loaded with information and graphics to help communicate and showcase your efforts to your clients Fresh new look Designed from the ground up the new interactive owner...

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Peter van de Paverd·Eagle·02 March 2021

February 2021 Product Release

Autumn is upon us as we wrap up another successful product quarter I hope you and your team nbsp were able to enjoy some time off over the Christmas break and have settled in to the new year Watch the video below for a walk through of the latest features released this quarter as well as a sneak peek as to what's coming up...

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Luke Paverd·CRM·19 February 2021

Selling Space On Mars: Why Real Estate CRM is Future-Proof

The COVID- pandemic was a wake-up call businesses that have survived will need to find ways to maintain their advantage And according to the World Economic Forum in their Global Risks Report things are likely to become increasingly unstable on multiple fronts environmentally politically and digitally nbsp Whether or not you ll be selling Elon Musk his first Martian plot once he lands your...

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Luke Paverd·CRM·05 February 2021

How Agents Can Benefit From Real Estate CRM Automation

We ve well-and-truly entered the age of digital transformation and automation No matter the industry organisations can no longer rely on legacy processes to do the job nbsp It s no different in the real estate industry Agencies cannot afford to have go-getting agents bogged down by pointless manual tasks when there are faster simpler ways of moving property and getting ahead of competitors...

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Luke Paverd·CRM·18 January 2021

Four Ways Real Estate CRM Software Optimises Lead Generation

will go down as the year that digital transformation went from being a choice to a business necessity and we re lucky the tools were in place to accommodate this rapid shift nbsp Thanks to real estate CRM technology mobile apps and automation agents now carry their offices in the palms of their hands With these tools they re able to chase nurture and...

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