Luke Paverd·Eagle·06 July 2018

Product Updates July

1. Enrich your property data with our new integration with CoreLogic

Core Logic

Link your RP Data account with Eagle and enrich your property database. Get extra data on your properties and appraisals as well as deep links to your CMA's and in depth reports.

If you don't have a CoreLogic RP Data account, you can create an account here.

If you have an account with RP Data, you can enable the connection with Eagle by going into your Eagle account, click on Admin->Integrations, Scroll down to "Core Logic" and click "Setup".

2. Work with your tenants and landlords with our new integration with PropertyMe

We're happy to announce the release of our integration with the popular and growing property management software PropertyMe.

Have you ever wanted to make an announcement to your tenants or landlords but couldn't easily get your data across? With the release of our PropertyMe integration, you can import all your tenant and landlord data with a single click.

To enable it in your account, login to your Eagle account, then click Admin->Integrations. Scroll down to "PropertyMe" and click "Setup". Enter your PropertyMe username and password to connect.

We have more plans in the pipe for deeper integration with PropertyMe, so stay tuned for updates.

3. Take prospecting to the next level with our updated integration with Pricefinder

Do you want to take your prospecting to the next level and get more data about your area into your account? With our updated Pricefinder integration, you can go to your addresses screen and import a whole street at once.

4. New updated email design and improvements to campaigns

  • New Email Design - We've redesigned our standard email template to be a much more modern design. You now also get four property templates to choose from when sending a campaign. Featured, list, large grid and small grid
  • You can now use template tags in email campaigns. Along with our design update to emails, we have changed campaigns so that they no longer say "Dear {firstname}" at the top of the email. Instead, you now have the ability to bring fields in from the contact so you can customise the salutation to your liking
  • If you have a website from a third party, you can now link your emails to the property pages on your website. In the property details tab when editing a property, you can use the "Link to Third Party Website" field to update where your emails will link to

5. Updates to our Projects module

  • Project stages - Break a project up into stages and keep track of key dates as your project progresses. Track interested contacts across different stages and communicate with them as you release new stages
  • Internal PDF stocklists of projects and for stages

6. VPA supplier payments tracking

Do you want to keep track of what suppliers you've paid, and make sure it reconciles to the advertising you've logged on individual properties? With our new VPA supplier payments tracking, you can do just that.

To check it out, go to Admin->Advertising.

7. Updated Permissions

  • New permissions around enquiries - you can set a permission to only allow users to see enquiries that are assigned to them
  • New permissions around portal pushing

8. Updates to Contact life cycle groups

  • When contract is marked as settled, owners are moved from "vendor" to "vendor - past" unless they have any other listings for sale
  • When a contract is created, purchasers are moved into "buyer - in contract" and removed from "buyer"
  • When a contract is cancelled, purchasers are removed from "buyer - in contract" and moved into "buyer"
  • When a contract is marked as settled, contacts are moved to "buyer - past"
  • New automation triggers (before contract key dates) deposit due finance due settlement date unconditional date
  • Tenant address are now updated when you add them as a tenant while marking a property as Leased
  • Enquiries and inspections now will update the price range in the contacts buyer preferences

9. Other updates

  • REI Forms Integrations - User added forms
  • You can now filter contacts by date entered/modified
  • Send automatic emails or SMS to tenants listed on an address

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