Bethany Lewty·CRM·19 October 2021

Your Real Estate CRM Checklist: Everything You Need to Consider

Are you looking for your first real estate customer relationship management (CRM) software? Alternatively, are you looking to replace your current real estate CRM? Are you looking for different options before going with your current CRM's latest upgrade?

You might be feeling a little lost among all the buzz about this feature or that feature. What you really need is a checklist to ease you through the evaluation. Ask yourself the following questions before making any decisions about your real estate CRM.

Is the Software Mobile Friendly?

As a successful real estate agent, you're on the go all the time. So you don't want to be tethered to a desk babysitting your CRM. You also don't want potential clients to wait until you return to your office to hear from you.

Your CRM needs to travel with you so you can update client information immediately and respond to enquiries in a timely fashion.

Does the CRM Capture All Enquiries?

The most useful CRM will automatically capture all enquiries from listing sites like and, saving you time and reducing the potential for error when you have to re-input the information into your system.

Relying on your personal email to manage contact with potential clients is a surefire way of potentially missing out on new listings if those contacts accidentally slip through the cracks.

Does the CRM Have an App?

An app integrated into the CRM allows you to input visitors' information and comments directly into the CRM during open and private inspections. It also gives you access to all of your contacts in case you need to reach out to another client during an inspection. The CRM then can get to work immediately gathering information for and about the potential client that will help you quickly move the relationship forward.

Does the CRM Offer Portal Pushing?

Your listings should be pushed immediately to all the primary portals operating in Australia, such as,, and more, and New Zealand, such as and This helps you reach the widest audience possible without making the effort to re-input the data for each website.

What Are the Email Marketing Features?

One of the primary roles of a quality CRM is to help automate and ease your email marketing efforts. Below are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does the system offer all the features you will need?
  • Does it include standard letter forms and templates?
  • Will it access your agency's photos?
  • Does it offer drag-and-drop email newsletter options?
  • Will it send automated alerts about new listings or sales?
  • Can you create your own custom groups?
  • Will it create and send a weekly email with upcoming Open For Inspection details?
  • Will it send Open For Inspection reminders and thank-yous?

Try Eagle Software for yourself and experience real-world examples of our automated emails and SMSs

Another important feature is the reporting and analysis capabilities. You don't want to be launching your email campaigns without understanding how effective they are. So does it provide open and click-through reports?

Does the Software Offer Social Media Integration?

You might feel like you spend half your day keeping up with social media. A CRM that automatically adds new listings and sales to your social media channels will save you hours of time. Wouldn't it be nice to turn your Facebook page into a fully functional real estate website with new listings automatically added to your Facebook page?

Does the CRM Sync With Other Services?

Syncing your contacts and calendars across devices and software ensures you have access wherever and whenever. Will the CRM sync contacts to your mobile device? Also, will it sync with your Outlook contacts? Will it sync with your mobile and desktop calendars?

What Is the Provider's Service Like?

Your CRM partner will be vital to your success. It's important to know what their service will be like. Are they based in Australia? Do they provide training and real-time support? Do they listen to your feedback and provide suggested updates quickly?

If this sounds like the type of service you're searching for, then contact our friendly staff today. 

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