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Say ‘Hello’ to Rello - Industry-leading Payments and Buy Now Pay Later Solutions

An intersection of financial technology and property technology, Rello has a simple mission statement: deliver industry-leading payment and Buy Now Pay Later solutions to real estate. Rello has a solution for every leg of the property journey from Vendor Paid Advertising for getting ready to sell, or accessing the deposit for getting ready to buy or simply needing you clients to pay for any service you provide. You, and your clients, can request advances and receive funding directly into your bank accounts with confidence. 

What’s Buy Now Pay Later?

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is a finding solution that allows you to defer costs of a purchase of goods or services over a series of interest free instalments over time or at a predefined future date (like the settlement date).

How does it work?

Juggling funds is an inescapable part of real estate. Marketing a property takes time and money, rentals necessitate bonds, buyers need deposits. The burden of untangling and safeguarding these transactions usually lies within the agency, and Rello's here now to help shoulder that weight.

With a simple 3 button solution embedded within your CRM to Send Payment Requests, Access Commissions, and Pay Rello, managing your fudns has never been easier. 

What can Rello do for you?

Managing cash flow can be a thorn in the side of any agency. Why should you carry vendor funding on your balance sheet. Using Rello can help alleviate working capital constraints that would otherwise be tied up - in Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA) fees for example.

Rello's BNPL solution for VPA, RelloPay, facilitates payment and removes the friction in the sales process between agents and vendors getting your clients ready to sell, and helping agents select the right advertising plan to market the property to maximise the selling price for both Agent and Vendor.

As an agency you can offer RelloPay to your clients directly through the Request Payment button embedded in your CRM, which will automatically send them a secure unique link where they can either choose to pay now using their own debit or credit card, or to use RelloPay for the marketing costs and defer the costs until settlement. 

For vendors, this can brudge the expense gap between listing their property and receiving the proceeds of the sale - a common issue for vendors who are simultaneously selling an existing property while trying to buy another.

Another example is a direct benefit to your agents rather than clients, with RelloPay's Commission Advance. You will be able to access funds that might've been locked up for months early and put into your agents pockets or fund general agency working capital expenses or brand marketing. 

Pay Now for any Service: Rello is more than just a Buy Now Pay Later platform.

Security is paramount when it comes to the large volumes of cash that are regularly moved and requested in real estate. Moving such significant funds can be a nerve-wracking process for vendors, or landlords particularly when considering how often hackers target agents in an attempt to intercept and reroute those funds into fraudulent accounts. 

Rello can also activate an online card payment facility for you so you can send and receive payments for any service you provide. For example payment of auction fees, holding deposits, valutaitons, and any other payments in the buying or selling process - all coming through the Request Payments button within your CRM.

How do I sign up to Rello?

Getting started with Rello is as painless as using the service itself, all you need is some documents to prove who you are and 15 minutes. Rello is an integrated experience, meaning that once you've successfully created your account and onboarded you won't need to navigate back and forth to the website - the buttons will appear within your CRM and you're good to go.

Want to learn more about Rello?

You can take a look at their website for more information about the brains behind the business and a more in-depth look at the product suite. 

See Rello in action in this on-demand webinar for an introduction to the product, it's features and benefits, and a demonstration of the sign-up process and use in CRM using Eagle Software CRM

Eagle Rello Integration -  On-Demand Webinar

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