Rebecca Gillis·CRM·11 May 2022

The Key Feature Your Current CRM Might Be Missing

The value that a quality CRM brings to the real estate industry is undeniable. However, not all CRMs are made equal.

With a number of CRMs available in the market, people often overlook one of the most important features, its ability to deeply integrate with other useful pieces of software used frequently by real estate professionals.

Despite many overlooking this element of a CRM, there's a number of great benefits to having a program that deeply integrates effectively.


The overarching benefit of using a CRM is that it allows real estate professionals to save a considerable amount of time and become more efficient at their jobs while minimising the risks of user errors.

By engaging in manual operations for a number of repetitive tasks, you are likely losing precious hours in your day. These hours add up quickly on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis, and becomes lost time which could have been redirected towards other activities to help advance your career.

By implementing an effective CRM with excellent integration capabilities, you'll be able to significantly improve your productivity as well as revenue, by redirecting your time and energy into other resources.

The more versatility you have with how you can manipulate and use your data contained within your CRM, the more effective you are likely to be with your marketing and customers service, ultimately providing a better customer experience for your clients which will keep them coming back and also increase the likelihood of them recommending your services. 

Minimise Burden on Agents

By design, CRMs were created in order to make your life easier, allowing you to spend your time and attention on the people skills and relationships you have created, which are not able to be automated. 

If the CRM you are using is able to be integrated across a range of other software, or even eliminate the need for excess softwates, all processes become simplified and easier to manage for agents. 

Additionally, there is also a minimised burden when it comes to training new agents and back-office staff to ensure they are able to make the most of the technology. Many CRM providers offer an onboarding process to help ease the transition from old software to new. This helps managers and staff to become more confident in their knowledge and understanding of new technology, additionally, with training and support provided, you'll be able to make the most of your CRM and utilise all the features it has to offer. 

Similarly, if you already use different softwares across your business or network, it's far easier to incorporate that into a quality CRM which can host the data effecitvely, rather than having to learn more and start over with a new piece of software that is incompatible with your current stack, or simply adds to it without any integration.

Reduce the Double Handling of Data

The value that your CRM is able to provide is ultimately only as good as the quality of data that is going into it. In order for your workflow to be as time-efficient as possible, it's important to ensure that the data within the CRM is up to date, and ideally free of duplicates and outdated information. 

If your CRM is not able to integrate effectively, you might find yourself in a situation where you're being forced to double handle data. Manual data entry is not only incredibly time consuming, but it also increases the likelihood of errors, even the most tedious and experienced data experts aren't immune to human error.

Smart and cohesive integrations can dramatically boost the functionality of a CRM, which leads to better efficiencies and increased prodctivity. Through removing the need to use a multitide of different softwares and manually manipulate and transfer data, you will be able to reduce the risk of errors, as well as save time and money.

In an environment like real estate where every minute of the day matters, you can't afford not to be spending time with technology that should be helping you and making you better at your job. 

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